Beloved Shirts x Mitch Chadban & Mr Guru and Miss Go Sweaters

There’s been a recent influx of  lines dropping sweaters, socks, shirts, shorts scattered with with weed leaves or pills and drug jokes. Acid style prints are everywhere at the moment, the public acceptance of galaxy tights (which by the way are not okay anymore), has opened a mainstream trend, but this has only given us the opportunity to see some incredible artwork of those that started the trend of perfected it.

Teamed with incredible innovations like high quality printers our closests have become a walking expression of our fucked up minds. What’s inside our minds? Well, cats wearing bow-ties on top of trippy patterns and Skrillex dropping bass with Kim Jong Il. Beloved Shirts and Mr Guru & Miss Go are leaving all other labels at the starting line.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with artist Mitch Chadban on our sites banner and artwork and he is one of the designers behind some of the prints you will see on – and to make things genuinely cooler, Mitch is a local artist from Newcastle, Australia which means we’re supporting local talent in the process of getting decked out like Barons.

Style and Substances Artwork by Mitch Chadban

Style and Substances Artwork by Mitch Chadban

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